Business Etiquette

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When working for or running a business, it's essential you come across as a professional – knowing how to listen and communicate properly while acting as a beacon for your brand.

From pitching and networking to hiring and giving speeches, there are dozens of different business scenarios you may find yourself in, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed. With City Academy’s Business Etiquette Training, we teach you how to deal with different situations effectively.

Business Etiquette Training Workshop Content

  • How to handle small talk
  • Different meeting and greeting techniques
  • How to make a good first impression
  • To adapt your approach to suit different audiences
  • To communicate clearly and with confidence
  • 'Power Play' and how to navigate status

As with all our communication skills training, our Business Etiquette workshop can be tailored to you and your team and business to ensure you achieve everything you want during and after the workshop.

Throughout our workshop, you will take part in a variety of real-life scenarios and evaluate how to approach different situations to ensure you're professional at all times.

Business Benefits:

  • Learn how to build rapport with clients and colleagues
  • Develop an understanding of different personality types
  • Explore how to adapt to different business situations
  • Practice vocal and physical techniques to support communication
  • Learn how to communicate clearly and with confidence
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We deliver workshops in-house at client offices and at theatrical venues across London including:


Our tutors are actors and voice professionals with expertise in leading dynamic and practical sessions for business.

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