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Think of a recent business phone call you made

What was your lasting impression of the person you spoke to? Did you feel heard? Were there things that person could have done differently?

Your client managers are the face of your business. The way they communicate with clients and customers and manage these relationships is key to successful client retention and brand reputation. With multiple stakeholders and pressures of time, it is all too easy for client managers to fall into communication pitfalls, troubling patterns of behaviour and even complacency.

Client Relationship Management Skills - Workshop Overview

Our Client Relationshio Management training will be tailored to suit your team: whether early career managers looking to develop core skills, seasoned Account Managers honing skills or a team with a variety of levels.

During our course, your team will develop skills to communicate confidently over the phone and in person. We will explore the essential verbal and non-verbal skills that leave clients feeling heard, understood and confident in your ability to deliver on agreed objectives.

Working with our expert communication skills tutor, your group will look at ways to evaluate client relationships and adapt tone, language and levels of formality to suit.

Your team will leave the workshop with the knowledge and feedback necessary to develop stronger, more prosperous client relationships.

Your team will:

  • Explore verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Understand the value of preparation and planning
  • Practice techniques for managing difficult conversations
  • Practice techniques for managing expectations
  • Develop methods to frame conversations in a positive way
  • Work on their active listening skills

So that they can:

  • Build rapport and establish valued connection with any client
  • Communicate with professionalism and authenticity
  • Manage customers and clients efficiently
  • Understand and manage client expectations
  • Manage conversations with flare and nuance
  • Flex their approach to suit each client

Our tailored Client Relationship Skills workshops focus on techniques to build rapport with clients face-to-face and over the phone. For skills related to written communication, including email, please see our Business Writing course here.

As with all of our business communication training , your team will receive constructive feedback from the tutor throughout the session.


Interested in taking this course as an individual rather than a team?

We also run public courses in Client Relationship Skills at central London studios across London. These practical group sessions are led by professional voice tutors.

This course will also provide you with individual tips, techniques and exercises on how to speak in front of a larger audience with confidence and personality.

More information including a timetable with available dates and pricing can be found here:


Client Relationship Managment 7 Feb Tue 10:00-17:00 1 day Matthew Coulton Photoion Studio, Waterloo £350.00


We deliver workshops in-house at client offices and at theatrical and unique venues across London including:


Our tutors are actors and voice professionals with expertise in leading dynamic and practical sessions for business.

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