How to Chair a Meeting

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Meetings should be dynamic environments. Opportunities for knowledge and ideas to be shared and listened to, problems to be discussed and solved, and, most importantly, key decisions to be made. All of this relies on a good Chair. The Chair needs to ensure that the meeting is time well spent, that the objectives of the meeting are achieved, and the participants leave feeling clear and confident of what is expected of them.

There are a variety of roles that the Chair needs to play: the host, timekeeper, referee, “Traffic Cop”- even the psychologist.

Overall the ultimate role is to serve the needs of the business, the attendees and meeting objectives.

During our How to Chair a Meeting training - ideal for individuals at management level - you will learn how to play the different roles as well as what to do before and after your meeting. Working with our business expert, you will learn to plan efficiently and open with confidence, so your meeting gets off to a strong start.

To keep your meeting on the path to success, we will guide you on the skills of managing participation including how to read a room, judge and influence engagement and, most importantly, how to listen to those around you and action discussion points for greater productivity. It is during a meeting that many ideas are put forward and inevitably some are shut down, but it is essential that the chair remains open minded, leads the meeting with confidence, sensitivity and authority.

In our workshop, you will enhance your leadership skills and boost your confidence in chairing a meeting that attendees really value.

How to Chair a Meeting Workshop content

  • Roleplay that develops skills such as leadership, active listening, and motivation
  • Vocal and physical exercises to support confident and authoritative communication
  • Practical tips for managing different personality types and leading discussions in such a way that everyone gets their say.
  • Strategies for turning discussions into conclusions, decisions and action points
Business Benefits
Increase the productivity of meetings by guiding them with greater nuance and leadership
Improve efficiency by focusing on decision making and action points
Uncover new opportunities by fostering an environment where attendees feel confident to share their ideas openly and without judgement
Boost morale of the participants by ensuring they feel engaged in the process and listened to
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