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City Academy's Learning and Development programme provides performing arts training for communication skills, team building and corporate and business events. We balance the creativity of the performing arts, expertise in organisational psychology and the application of experiential learning.

Our programmes are grounded in research that harnesses the power of performing arts to equip employees, teams or organisations with the confidence, tools and skills to perform at their best whatever the situation or challenge.

While City Academy believes in the transformative nature of the performing arts, we also know that Learning and Development needs to be rooted in the reality of organisational requirements. Our programme draws upon theories of organisational psychology and their practical application.

We take a systematic approach: from needs assessment through to design and the transfer of skills back into the workplace. Our management team has 'front line' experience in small, medium and large businesses and our business tutors have worked with a wide range of organisations and sectors.

Experiential Learning

We learn best when we experience new skills first-hand. 

We learn even better when we're enjoying ourselves. 

That's why everything we do is practical and fun. 

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Book a FREE consultation or request a callback