Photography Challenge

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Perfect for creative teams in marketing or branding, our Photography Challenge will trigger your team's competitive streak and allow them to create a captivating story through photographs.

Under the guidance of our professional photographer, you will kick things off with a DSLR theory session that will give every team member a basic understanding of composition and photography technique. After, we will split your team into groups, working against each other.

Throughout the day, your team will need to put their creative caps on and, working to each of their strengths and in the confines of a challenging creative brief, will dart around London with the aim to capture five compelling photos.

During the team building event your team will be required to work together and use their knowledge of the city and their new photography skills to capture something unique. Your team will then curate their photos, with everyone having their input, and the team with the best selection of photos will be crowned champions.

How Photography Challenge Benefits Business

Our Photography Challenge combines skills that are commonplace in the workplace, such as creative brainstorming, planning, and decision-making, and encourages your team to put them into practice in a communicative and, therefore, productive fashion that you can further develop in the workplace.

During Photography Challenge Team Building Event your team will:

  • Learn new, shared creative skills
  • Learn technical photography skills 
  • Release stress and boost morale
  • Learn to work to tight deadlines
  • Work within the confines of a brief
  • Improve team communication 

Photography Skills

As well as developing essential every day skills to use in the workplace, throughout the challenge, you will learn basic photography skills that can be used to create engaging branded content such as images for social media, email marketing graphics, product photos, and even event photos and portraits.

Basic photography skills your team will learn includes:

  • Introduction to DSLR and camera handling
  • Aperture (F/Stops & depth of field)
  • Shutter Speed (freezing and capturing motion)
  • ISO settings
  • File formats (TIFF, JPEG, Raw)

As well as the above, you will develop a keen eye for composition and what is visually engaging.

Our Photography Challenge team building event is suitable for teams of all levels of experience and is available throughout London. Locations we often use for this team building challenge include Borough Market, Portobello Market, Waterloo Bridge, Westminster Bridge, Tower Bridge, Covent Garden, Soho and West End.

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