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With the rise in sophisticated reporting and increasingly specialist roles, more and more team members in businesses are being called upon to deliver presentations. Whether your team is delivering sales pitches, performance updates or presenting to stakeholders, we know that the ability to present with clarity and confidence is highly valued.

To ensure that your team has the necessary skills to deliver engaging, impactful and memorable presentations they need to experiment with a learning variety of techniques in a risk-free environment.


At City Academy, the training your team will receive is highly practical. We’ll tailor a programme to suit your objectives so that each element is relevant to the team.

Presenting is all about connecting with the audience and taking them on a journey – telling a story to show how we got here or painting a picture of what the future could hold.

In this practical, tailored course we will provide your team with the tools for delivering a powerful presentation that keeps their audiences engaged.

Working with a professional business coach from the world of the performing arts, the team will have multiple opportunities to present and hone their delivery. We tailor all of our business workshops so there is the option to use film to record individual presentations, analyse personal progress and generally focus on the areas that will have the biggest impact for your business.


Tutors are communication skills experts with the experience and a wide range of techniques for helping business professionals from any sector or level. Click here for a full list of business tutors and their credentials.


  • Create memorable presentations with a compelling structure
  • Tailor the content to engage any audience
  • Increase awareness of body language and convey confidence
  • Learn practical vocal skills to speak with confidence and clarity
  • Discover performance skills to help with delivery
  • Use narrative techniques to deliver a presentation that leaves a lasting impact
  • Manage nerves to keep your mind and body calm and on track
  • Use improvisation methods to remain present and handle disruptions
  • Deliver individual presentations with peer and professional feedback
  • Work on real business content to ensure skills can be transferred with ease


A group size of 8-12 people works well for this kind of skills development as each individual will have the opportunity to present.

With over 25 tutors we have good availability to suit your schedule. We deliver training at client offices (please consult with us regarding room requirements) and would welcome your team at one of over 20 partner venues.


We work across a variety of sectors and levels designing courses on this topic for a range of teams. Recent clients include Allen & Overy, Shop Direct, Sky, Vodafone and Yammer.

“Amazing! I am experienced in delivering presentations but I thought I'd still get something out of it. Incredibly valuable tips to improve everything from content presentation to body language to vocal delivery to storytelling. This course has made a big impact on my career.”

- Will Heinemann, Business Development Manager Bright Lemon

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Interested in taking this course as an individual rather than a team?

We also run Presentation Skills public courses at central studios across London. These practical group courses are led by professional voice tutors with a wealth of vocal training.

The public course in Presentation Skills will also provide you with individual tips, techniques and exercises on how to present with confidence and personality.

More information including a timetable with available dates and pricing can be found here:


We deliver workshops in-house at client offices and at theatrical venues across London including:


Our tutors are actors and voice professionals with expertise in leading dynamic and practical sessions for business.

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