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Singing in a group requires excellent communication , including the ability to listen to others and adapt to ensure you are in time and in tune with the group, coming together for a feel-good and creative outcome.

In our Sing in Sync team building activity, you will work with our professional singing teacher to develop basic singing techniques, including harmonising, breath control, tone and performance style. As a team, you will work towards a final performance in which you will showcase your new skills as a collective.

Singing is proven to lower stress and relieve anxiety, which makes Sing in Sync  the perfect release if your team has recently completed a stressful project or simply need the chance to connect on a personal level. Singing as a group releases the trust-enhancing hormone oxytocin to help us overcome tension and anxiety.

If you're looking to improve team communication, trust, and creativity, look no further. Sing in Sync! 

In our Sing in Sync Team Building Activity, your team will:

  • Boost team morale and increase motivation
  • Learn a new creative skill in a relaxed, enjoyable environment
  • Build confidence through proven performance techniques
  • Step out of their comfort zones and try something new
  • Boost relationships and trust
  • Release both personal and collective stress

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