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Lawrence Francis Crane

Lawrence Francis Crane

Lawrence Francis Crane is a London based Figurative and Portrait realist Artist. Being self-taught and having worked around Europe and the UK, Lawrence’s work has developed over the years from purely classical academic study to something that is more driven by narrative. Within his work, Lawrence aims to describe a narrative within the figure and the portrait.

Lawrence has exhibited his work in and around London and sold to numerous private collections. His design work has been used within Scenic and Theatre Design in which he looks to create an immersive story.

Currently, Lawrence has focused on charcoal and the power of line. His current series ‘Connecting Moments’, focuses on the small moments of connectivity in an otherwise chaotic and noisy world.

” …I want to create something in which someone can look upon my work and take in a journey, or in other words a story. Within each image there is a narrative, and reasoning behind every aspect, every brush stroke or pencil mark…”

“My classes are informative and detailed, based upon principles of classical painting and drawing, usually in figurative and portrait works. I also make the class a fun, relaxed environment; building a bank of references and principles which are built on through the course and often referred back to.”