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Tim Sanders

Tim Sanders

Tim studied at the Harrow School of Art from 1976 to 1979, specialising in illustration and leaving with the ‘perfect ability to draw fire extinguishers.’

Sanders draws pocket cartoons and political cartoons. He was cartoonist for the Socialist Worker, his cartoons have also been published in the “In the Heat of the Scribble.” Sanders has also worked as pocket cartoonist for the Independent.

As well as working for The Independent and Independent on Sunday, Sanders has drawn cartoons and illustrations for a range of publications, including The Guardian, Observer, Daily Telegraph, Mail on Sunday You Magazine, Nursing Times, Broadcast, and Red Pepper. Sanders is also a Spanish speaker and a scholar of Hispanic art.

“I like to build the energy and confidence levels in a class. We will start with a series of warm up exercises which will focus on making marks rather than the figure or any sort of representative drawing. Then we will quickly move on to a number of quick poses to get things flowing and we will end with some longer poses and more detailed work.”